Become a Yonder Steward

Do you offer a Yonderly experience? Find out if you're a fit.
Yonder in a nutshell

Yonder is a travel platform that’s 100% dedicated to nature-rich guest accommodations and activities. The properties and activities on Yonder are managed by owners and operators that we refer to as Yonder Stewards — because we believe the commitment they’ve made to their local environment and communities makes them much more than hosts.

What we view as "Yonderly"

We carefully choose properties and activities that provide direct access to nature and celebrate:

Positive environmental impact
Local food and craftsmanship
Mindfulness and well-being
Outdoor recreation
Local culture and history
Animals and wildlife
Is your property a fit?

Cabins, cottages, guest houses, working farms, RVs, yurts, you name it. If you own a guest property that offers direct access to nature, you’re most likely a candidate for Yonder.

Is your activity a fit?

We look for activities that offer engagement with nature — physical, mental or spiritual. From farm-to-table food experiences, forest bathing, tours, classes, outdoor yoga, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, zip lines...the sky's the limit. The diversity of options that restore our connection to nature is what sets Yonder apart.

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