We're here to create a positive shift in the world

Becoming one with nature

We didn’t make the thing we sell. We’re simply the conduit that puts people in touch with it. We believe nature is not a distant place. It is part of us. And if we reconnect with nature, we can restore the planet and humankind. 

Nature is healthy

Physiologically, spending time in green places makes us calm and comfortable, reducing stress levels and boosting immune function.

Nature is positive

Nature puts us back in touch with something bigger than ourselves. Data shows that the prosocial effects of this state of awe include  less concern for self, increased generosity, and more cooperation. 

Nature is critical to our future

Our theory is that our nature-rich stays and activities not only inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world, but also a greater sense of responsibility to protect it. As the climate crisis heightens, cultivating nature advocates is critical.

Moving to regenerative travel

Today’s traveler is inundated with a lot of terms: green, sustainable, ecotourism. All of them have some role in defining what it means to travel responsibly, but the principles and practices of regenerative travel which stand for not just sustaining, but restoring and improving ecological and social systems most closely align with our values.  

We have a big opportunity as individuals and as a global community to do our part in helping make a transformation towards systems that regenerate nature rather than deplete it. 

Making our purpose real through partners
To drive further impact, we partner with purpose-led organizations that share our values.