Amazing Florida farm stays and farmhouse rentals

Florida is a great place to visit year round. The winter months are ideal for wildlife viewing, and the summer offers opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, biking and more! Let's check some unique farms to take your next vacation.

When it comes to sowing seeds of tranquility and reaping a connection to nature, Florida farm stays are the perfect row to hoe! From Live Oak to Tallahassee to Sorrento and beyond, each farm is like a fingerprint or the soil itself — unique to its location and community. Which one(s) suit(s) you? Take a look...

“Be gentle and enjoy” Kokomo Farms’ unique farm stay vacations

“Be gentle and enjoy.” This is the unofficial mantra of Kokomo Farms of Live Oak, Florida, where you can choose from multiple unique and affordable rentals — a treehouse, an eco cabin/container home, and an outdoor netted hanging bed with personal theater for two for the perfect blend of indoor-outdoor living. 

The Dreamers’s Treehouse will bring out the kid in you. A private screened-in getaway with a balcony for two, the treehouse not only gives you a bird’s eye view of the stars at night, but you’ll be an early bird if you book it soon — it’s the newest accommodation at Kokomo Farms.

Kokomo Farms’ cozy Eco Cabin/container home is a magical retreat at the edge of the farm’s enchanted forest. Built for two, this farm stay getaway is on point in terms of comfort and off-grid vacationing, powered as it is by propane, generator and the sun. 

The farm’s Romantic Netted Hanging Round King Bed with Theater may convince you to move your own bed into the garden. Adjacent to the farm’s Zen garden, hot tub and firepit, this tucked-away corner of the world is a universe of tranquility.  

Kokomo Farms itself is 20 acres of peace and tranquility located in northern Florida between Tallahassee and Jacksonville. A stroll around the hobby farm delights the senses. 

Catch sight of Buddha, as still as the rock he’s been sitting on since he (a statue) found his way into the farm’s Zen garden. Feel free to rake the sands that surround him. Search out and sway in the hammock and contemplate the life of the hundred-year-old Live oaks twisting above you. Add to the art wall, whose creations have come from around the world. Play a life-sized game of outdoor checkers. If you cross paths with any bicycles, take them for a spin — they’re free to use. Your adventures will earn you an appetite; make use of the BBQ grill, or partake of the crispy, gooey goodness that emerges from the property’s brick pizza oven ($25 gets you a pie and sweet tea for two-plus). Or, perhaps best yet, take a casual count of the animals that surround you.

See if you can spy the frogs, owls, wild turkeys and coyotes. And certainly say “hey there” to the rescue horses. If you feed them some carrots, the gentle giants will be your buddies for life. Need more time to horse around? Pony up for an hour of horse grooming on the farm and see how easily it soothes your inner beast.

Nearby find some of Florida’s most prized springs and the impeccable Suwannee River. Kokomo Farms has kayaks for you; each can be yours for $25 per day. If you can even dream of leaving the farm during your stay, you can learn to protect endangered and exotic species at Mystic Jungle

When the sun sets on Kokomo Farms, the curtain rises on nighttime excitement: stars gazing. Pick your place and wait for the show. There’s not a bad seat in the house — ah, on the farm — from campfire to hot tub to deck, balcony or bedside. Come in winter and cozy up in warm PJs and enjoy everything nature on the farm has to offer.

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Where relaxation flows freely: Milk and Honey Acres Farm near Tallahassee, FL

The family-friendly cabin for four at Milk and Honey Acres Farm puts the “goats and llamas” in rustic charm. At the Cabin at Milk and Honey Acres, relaxation flows freely. The clean lines and uncluttered spaces of the cabin and its surroundings ease the mind and the body follows. Set among the trees in the Tallahassee countryside, the farm is comfortable and private, a haven where you can shed the city and breathe deeper. You’ll meet the friendliest neighbors who don’t even expect a wave in return: the farm’s goats and llamas. They’ll greet you at your doorstep and they won’t think you’re rude when you turn your back on them or set about doing other things on the farm — or doing nothing but lounging.

From sunup to sunup, this  farm vacation has what you need — grassy lawns, exquisite peace and a pace set to your speed. Perk up in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a rock on the front porch; discuss the weather with the llamas who are sure to greet you. Prep your favorite fire-grilled meal at the firepit. Rest your bones and every other part of you under the shade of the oak trees. You deserve the break from the rut or routine of life. At Milk and Honey Acres, Florida farm life is about big sky, bright stars, bountiful earth and being one with the world around you.

On-site activities at the farm stay include a one-of-a-kind goat yoga experience on the lawn and lessons on how to make goat's milk and fresh honey soap. Want more? Steward Angie is full of info about the farm’s unique experiences that are tailored to most ages and all fitness levels. For her it’s all about seeing to it that you can relax and refresh in the lush Florida countryside. And after you get your fill, you can put yourself happily to bed, full of images from a star-streaked sky.

It’s all in a day’s work for Steward Angie, whose mission for the farm is to cultivate a place “where people can visit, laugh, learn and create memories.” Including — especially — the llamas and the goats. 

Milk and Honey Acres Farm is located near Tallahassee. If you feel like sightseeing beyond the farm, St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge, one of the oldest refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System, is less than an hour’s drive away. Its 80,000-plus acres includes ~43 miles along the Gulf Coast of northwest Florida.

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Find serenity at this Sorrento, Florida, farm stay

Family-friendly Two Grooms Farm - Goat Farmstay will have you feeling serene before goats Blinky, Nala, Katie and Coco can even make an appearance.

Your Two Grooms accommodations, tucked cozily away inside the barn, include two suites that sleep a total of 4. They stock thoughtful amenities, including goodies in the kitchenette and goat-milk bathing products made on the farm. 

While Goat Farmstay at Two Grooms Farm is located near Orlando and Daytona Beach, your private suite is surrounded by farms, horses and peace. Closer still, you’re surrounded by comfy, cozy accommodations with a kitchenette, patio, fire pit, grill, carport and more.

Your friendly resident goats enjoy rubs and scratches, fresh food and love. In return, say Two Grooms’ Stewards Noel and Cesar, they  provide plenty of fresh raw goat milk for the farm’s soap.

Two Grooms didn’t rush into being. Stewards Noel and Cesar spent two decades together as flight attendants before their dream of having a special vacation rental and small farm took flight. Their dream came true when they landed in their farmhouse in beautiful Sorrento, Florida to lovingly raise goats, a donkey, and chickens.

Now Two Grooms Farm - Goat Farmstay goes the extra mile — whether it’s providing a farm tour, the bonfire start or other experiences unique to your family — to make sure guests go home with memories that provide smiles for a lifetime.

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A Florida farm stay find: Goat House Farm in rural Tallahassee

Family- and pet-friendly Goat House Farm offers beautiful simplicity on the edge of Lake Talquin in Lake Talquin State Forest. 

The “farmHer-owned” micro-farm in a rural area of Tallahassee was founded off a bumpy road on the love of animals and a passion for sustainability. A space for fun and education, Goat House Farm itself is a resource for first-time goat owners. (Just try not to smile when these bouncing bundles of joy come around.)

And at Goat House Farm, you can try your hand at farming — or at least gathering your salad from the garden, fruits from their source (when in season), milk from the goats (when moms aren’t nursing), and eggs from the hens. The farm provides an outdoor kitchen for all your meal prep.

Goat House Farm invites you to kayak (provided) and hike right off the property. And when you’re ready to come in, unwind with the communal fire pit and a shared small bathhouse with a hot shower and composting toilet. 

If you’re not destressed enough by your nature-drenched activities, finish the process by snuggling the farm’s namesake goats. Additional farm animals include peacocks, honeybees and even a pig. They, too, enjoy the beautiful sunsets on the lake. 

The farm can accommodate up to 28 people; you can choose among various affordable stays ranging from campsites to small units.

Find the FT Braden trails of Lake Talkquin State Forest and St. George Beach nearby.

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