Restore Earth's balance. Reconnect with what counts.

Anyone living a modern life has somehow contributed to the current conditions on Earth--from air & plastics pollution to urban sprawl.

Bill Lee

Anyone living a modern life has somehow contributed to the current conditions on Earth – from air and plastics pollution to urban sprawl. How and what we consume has a direct impact on the living world – human, animal, plant, and organism. We’re disturbing it to the point that we’re creating the perfect conditions for viruses like Covid-19—and if our behavior doesn’t change, we can expect to see more pandemics in the near future.

So, what can we do? We must reconnect with what counts to allow the Earth’s balance to return.

Here at Yonder, we believe that as we restore and rebuild in the days ahead, the types of places we highlight are exactly what people will be looking for – nature-immersive, off-the-beaten-path, and full of lessons about how to rebalance our lives. In the past, much of our vacation and getaway time has been spent in contrived environments shut off from the natural world – a cruise ship, a theme park, a casino, or an all-inclusive resort. We believe that, especially as we recover from Covid-19, people will be looking for alternatives – ones that offer them a more natural, sustainable, and healthier way of travelling and living.

We founded Yonder on the principles of connection, community, and co-existence between people and the natural world. That’s not just a philosophy, it’s the driver of our business model. As part of the “regenerative economy,” we’re working to mirror how natural ecosystems perfectly balance inputs and outputs. Our Yonder Steward community of ranchers, farmers, vintners, and nature lovers are selected because they care for the ecosystems where they live and work – so the experiences they offer not only inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world, but also a greater sense of responsibility to protect it.

There’s still time to restore Earth’s balance. But to do that we must reconnect with nature – every step, thought and action counts.