Steward Profile

Regenerative farming atop Roman remains at Old Farm, Dorn

Sharing farmhouse R&R on the site of a Romano-British town with rolling hills, stargazing nights and barnyard friends.

Sarah Righton

I’m Sarah Righton, owner of The Shearing Shed, Old Farm Dorn. For 50 years our family has been welcoming guests to our beautiful corner of the world for relaxing farm stays.

Guests enjoy farmhouse R&R in every season while we farm regeneratively around them, reducing carbon emissions and preserving the soil’s natural biodiversity by planting seeds directly into the soil after harvest,  and planting cover crops to prevent soil erosion and legumes to reduce the need for artificial fertiliser. Our barnyard animals provide manure for the fields, organic matter that makes the soil more productive. Guests may also like to mingle with the community on farm days, or visit our small farm shop that sells home grown and local produce.

Our farm sits on the site of a scheduled monument, Fosse Field, which is a Romano-British town whose remains we’ve protected; the surrounding outstanding area of natural beauty contains rolling hills, traditional ridge and furrow pastures and mellow limestone buildings. Because we farm in a way that supports the landscape, every field on the farm has a wildlife feature from wildflower margins to hedgerows to mature trees, ditches, and more.

Guests enjoy getting a peek at the pre-Roman coins that come from the town beneath the farm, but they love being in the heart of the farmyard, away from the normal hustle and bustle, with piglets and horses for neighbours. And they love that they can leave the car behind and explore the countryside on foot then enjoy a bit of stargazing under dark skies. They love the old beams and stone walls in the Shearing Shed and they especially love the log burner.

When guests leave after a few days of on-farm R&R, they don’t just have a better understanding of the work that farmers do, they have lowered their stress levels and they have a warm feeling of being well-rested and relaxed.