Steward Profile

A Norfolk haven reminds us of what’s truly ‘indispensable and always available’

This rural Norfolk cabin on 6 acres of wildflower meadow and rich biodiverse land helps slow time with an outdoor soak, a disconnect from 24/7 availability, and a deeper connection with nature.

Helen McGrath-Doherty

I'm Helen McGrath-Doherty, Yonder Steward and dream-maker behind Albion Nights. A child of the 70's, I grew up immersed in the world of Albion Fairs; wild and wonderful festivals which happened in East Anglia. These instilled in me a life-long love of camping and outdoor life. I relocated to rural Norfolk from London with the aim of creating a secluded haven for people to come and switch off. When I viewed the land here, I just knew it was the right place to create my vision. 

We are great believers in sustainable living and are incredibly lucky to have 14 acres of land. The cabin is located on the main parcel of which is six acres of wildflower meadow. We have pet sheep who graze the meadow and in doing so help the biodiversity.

Our off-grid, solar-powered cabin is unique. Designed and lovingly hand-crafted by us from reclaimed and repurposed materials, it has the feeling of always having been here. The star attraction that guests all LOVE, no matter the time of year, is the outdoor bathtub on the veranda. It was created from the original galvanised tank from the barn we converted to live in.  

Guests use words such as ‘magical’, ‘super cosy’, ‘stunning place’, ‘relaxing’ and ‘beautifully designed in a peaceful idyllic setting’ in their reviews. I think most guests leave feeling recharged and revived after their time off the grid and immersed in nature.

Time spent here at Albion Nights really is time spent practicing the art of slow living; it encourages a real disconnect from being available 24/7 and a reconnect with a simpler, slower pace. My hope is that guests will return home taking a little bit of the magic of Albion Nights with them, that they will have slept deeply and soundly, that they'll be refreshed and revived having time away from the grid and will arrive home feeling ready to face the world again.