Our Story

In 2012, the Southwell family’s dream for a simpler, healthier life in the mountains took root in 80 acres of Southwest Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. From that land rose their permaculture farmstead, ABC acres, a destination for on-farm vacation getaways, or “farm stays,” with guided farm tours, livestock feedings, nature observation walks and workshops. Wanting other farmers to share the economic and educational opportunities, yet finding no travel agencies or booking sites suited to support their properties and immersive offerings, the Southwells did what they do: They dug in to build a network committed to supporting the land and those who steward it. With Yonder, the Southwells are bringing Stewards and travelers together, expanding beyond farm stays and creating a platform for diverse nature-rich experiences.

Our Values

Our four core beliefs drive our actions and decisions, our hires and our partnerships, the causes we invest in and the dreams that we pursue.

Inspire Wonder

We bring a beginner’s mind to life and offer new ways to engage with the world, instill hope and connect with something bigger.

Promote Wellbeing

We honor nature’s power to ground us; reignite our curiosity; and physically, spiritually and mentally heal us.

Operate Responsibly

We nurture our environment, our local communities and our guests by setting the new standard in travel that prioritizes environmental and social responsibility and fosters profitability.

Reinvent Travel

We reinvent travel and hospitality by relying on experts and insights to inform our ideas and redefine extraordinary service for our guests and our Stewards.

Our Purpose

For Yonder it’s simple: We believe reconnecting with nature will restore the planet and humankind.

We believe in nature’s power to help and heal and put us back in touch with something bigger than ourselves. And that traveling to nature-rich destinations will not only inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world but also a greater sense of responsibility to protect it.

We’re activating our purpose by mobilizing a collection of countries and businesses to renew reciprocity between humans and nature. Positive systemic change is our goal.

Our Properties and Activities

Yonder is committed to exclusively offering nature-rich properties and guest activities. Nothing more. Every property and activity that qualifies for our platform goes through a careful selection process that ensures access to nature, uniqueness and management by people, Stewards, who demonstrate a commitment to their local environment and communities. Yonder honors their efforts by rejecting half of the activities and properties that apply to our platform.
Across continents and seasons, our Stewards also believe it’s their job to care for the air, land and water that surrounds their unique properties, the animals and wildlife that make their home there, and their guests, so that we all — and especially tomorrow’s generations — inherit a healthier world.